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Fused Glass Art

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The Art of Fused Glass

The art of fused glass is based on combining pieces of glass that have the same melting point (remember high school chemistry class?) and firing them at high temperature.  Each individual slice of glass that makes up a piece is free cut by hand.  The pieces are then arranged in designs and fired in a kiln at 1230-1450 degrees F for up to 8 hours (plus 4-6 hours cool down time) depending on the desired outcome.  Very smooth pieces have been “full fused” at 1450 degrees, pieces with relief have been “tack fused” at 1340 degrees, and three-dimensional pieces have been further “slumped” (after a tack or full fuse) into molds at 1230 degrees.  Some pieces involve a two- or even three-stage firing process that involve any combination of full fusing, tack fusing, and slumping, meaning the firing process alone for your new piece might have taken three days.

The lead artist of Glass Act, based in Annapolis, Maryland, is a marine biologist by training, explaining the aquatic theme of much of the work (and the above reference to chemistry class).  10% of net proceeds are donated to Chesapeake Bay nonprofits. 

Glass Act merchandise can be found at the boutique gallery Local By Design in downtown Annapolis and at the Annapolis Mall, along with that of 70 other artisans.

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